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Here you’ll find articles, resources and other materials related to climate change, income security and their connections to community resilience. We’ll also post relevant updates about the project and its community partners.

Explainer: what is a net-zero transition?

Many countries are responding to climate change by setting net-zero emissions targets, meaning that by a set date they will either produce zero greenhouse gas emissions or offset the impact of their emissions through activities that remove greenhouse gases from the air (eg. through tree planting or carbon capture and storage technologies). What will net-zero look like, and how will we get there?

To hit net-zero, Canada Energy Regulator must get its modelling right

Drawing out what a net-zero future looks like in Canada is critically important for industry, investors, regulators, policy-makers and residents to confront the intensifying climate crisis and seize energy transition benefits. Yet right now, one of the most relied upon guides—produced annually by the Canada Energy Regulator (CER)—models a future in which low-carbon policies are essentially static.

Explainer: What is a just transition?

A just transition is an approach to decision- and policymaking that aims to secure a prosperous social, economic and environmental future for everyone as we move toward low-carbon solutions. A just transition framework would ensure that net-zero strategies create opportunities for everyone to participate in new jobs, activities and solutions, and that no one loses their livelihoods because of our shift off of fossil fuels. 

Indigenous protests blocked 1.6 billion tonnes of emissions per year, study finds

Blockades, lobbying, media campaigns and other forms of advocacy grounded in Indigenous rights have stopped or delayed nearly 1.6 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year, or nearly 25% of the combined emissions of the United States and Canada, the Indigenous Environmental Network and Oil Change International conclude in a blockbuster report issued Wednesday, Sept. 1.