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community resilience

Canadian Association of Nurses for the Environment, District of Sooke Climate Action Committee organize community conversations on climate change, income security

SOOKE: Alysha Jones, co-chair Intersectionality and Truth and Reconciliation Committee, Canadian Association of Nurses for the Environment (CANE) and member of the District of Sooke’s (DoS) Climate Action Committee (CAC), has completed a series of community conversations on the links between climate change, income security and community resilience in the Sooke region on the southwest coast of Vancouver Island.

Découvrez : Coalition Climat Montréal

Coalition Climat Montréal fait la promotion de la neutralité carbone pour Montréal d’ici 2042 (date du 400ème anniversaire de la Ville de Montréal), auprès des élus municipaux, des entreprises, des organisations et des citoyens. La Coalition base ses actions sur quatre piliers: budget carbone, inventaire des émissions de GES, test climat, participation citoyenne. Blandine Sebileau s’est entretenue avec son président Jean-François Boisvert pour parler de la participation de la Coalition au Projet de Résilience Verte, et du dialogue organisé le 2 février dernier avec la communauté du Grand Montréal.

Deep dive: Columbia Institute’s annual civic governance forum supports elected officials pushing for change

The Columbia Institute’s annual civic governance forum, High Ground, offers an opportunity for elected officials to gather and share ideas, tools and approaches to progressive leadership in public office. It encourages participants to learn from one another about the leadership, policies and practises that can respond to their constituents’ most pressing challenges.

Get to know: Ecology North

Ecology North is a charitable, non-profit organization based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada that was formed in 1971 to support sound environmental decision-making on an individual, community and regional level. Ecology North maintains collaborative partnerships with a number of other local community and educational organizations to promote public education, sustainable living and climate change adaptation and mitigation on environmental initiatives. Jessie Golem recently sat down with project officer Richelle Castillo to talk learn more about Ecology North and their participation in the Green Resilience Project.

Get to know: Columbia Institute

The Columbia Institute is an independent public policy think tank based in British Columbia. Their mission is to foster and support leadership for inclusive, equitable and sustainable communities across Canada. They believe that communities who value social justice, the environment and strong local economies are healthier and happier places to live. In December, engagement coordinator Jessie Golem sat down with Kevin Millsip and Isabella Johnson to discuss the Columbia Institute’s community conversation for local electeds in BC.

Northern Manitoba community conversation featured on Thompson Today

Last week, Community Futures North Central Development hosted their community conversation in northern Manitoba on the links between climate change, income security and community resilience. Prior to the conversation, conversation organizer Michelle Pruder and Green Resilience Project staff member Hannah Muhajarine were interviewed on Thompson Today to talk about their hopes for the conversation and how those interested in attending could get involved.