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For information about Transportation Shift click here.

In 2021 and 2022, the Green Resilience Project organized a series of virtual conversations with 33 communities across Canada to explore the links between climate change, income security and community resilience.

Phase One of the Green Resilience Project was managed and delivered by Energy Mix Productions, Basic Income Canada Network, Coalition Canada basic income – revenu de base, and Basic Income Canada Youth Network. It was funded in part by Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Climate Action and Awareness Fund.

Working with a designated partner organization from each community, we aimed to create spaces in which a wide range of participants can talk through the links between climate action, income security and their ability to create stronger, healthier communities equipped with the tools they need to respond to big changes like the ones brought on by climate change

These conversations generated community perspectives on how programs like a basic income can ease uncertainty about the shift away from fossil fuels, and how clean energy alternatives can help build the community resilience that income security programs are meant to support and achieve. 

In April 2022, we created a final report that draws on local community reports to connect the dots between community resilience, income security and low-carbon economies. Over the longer term, we hope this project will help build dialogue across climate and energy, income security and labour communities in Canada.

Please note that the majority of the existing content on this website was generated between March 2021 and April 2022 during the initial phase of the project. We are seeking funding to continue the work of the original Green Resilience Project.

Currently, the Green Resilience Project team, led by Energy Mix Productions, is seeking community partners to host conversations focused on transportation and the transition to electric vehicles. To learn more about Transportation Shift click here.