Transportation Shift

Transportation Shift is a project of the Green Resilience Project (GRP) led by Energy Mix Productions. Energy Mix Productions is a community news organisation committed to faster, deeper carbon cuts, and is the co-lead of the GRP which began as a series of community conversations hosted in 2021-22 on climate change, income insecurity and community resilience. A key takeaway of the GRP conversations is that climate change and income insecurity are deeply connected and their impacts are being felt across the country. There is an urgent need for bold policy that stands at the intersection of these issues.

Transportation Shift is a series of community conversations focused on the transition to electric vehicles, what it looks like for communities across Canada, and how to make sure it meets the needs of everyone in the community.

Energy Mix Productions is seeking partners (individuals or organisations) to host community conversations focused on the local implications of the transition to EVs. Your community could be defined by geography, or it could be a community of people connected by culture, health, economic status, livelihood, identity, faith, or other factors.

Why now?
Electric vehicles are being promoted across Canada as a tool to help address climate change by reducing vehicle emissions. The federal government has mandated that all new light-duty cars and passenger trucks sold in Canada after 2035 be zero emissions. This project asks community members to consider: what does this mean for us?

To learn more or get involved, please visit our Transportation Shift FAQ.