Community Partners

Welcome to the Green Resilience Project’s community partner hub.

The Green Resilience Project involves collaboration with 25 to 35 community partners from diverse communities and regions across Canada. We’ll be working with partners who are already involved in some aspect of the discussion on climate change, income security and/or community resilience, and who have the capacity to continue with related advocacy work once conversations are complete. 

As members of the communities in which the conversations take place, community partners will have existing relationships and connections with other community members, and will understand their communities’ unique position as it relates to climate change and income security. Throughout the course of the project, we’ll be seeking partner input about which engagement, consultation and facilitation strategies are best-suited to their community. This approach is motivated by the idea that community partners have greater familiarity with their communities’ needs, barriers and collaborative strategies than members of our staff team. Staff members will provide communications and administrative support to community partners throughout the course of the project.

While key information and materials will always be shared with community partners through separate designated communications channels, this section of our website is a space for community partners and their session participants to connect and learn about each other’s work on climate, income security and community resilience-building.

We hope you’ll explore our Community Partner Blog, which profiles community partners’ initiatives and showcases content created by partners and listening session participants. Our FAQ for Community Partners answers several common questions about community partner involvement in the project.

The map below shows a pin for each of our community partners. Click on a marker to see a brief overview of the partner and their work. For a full list of community partners, click here.