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Centre for Local Prosperity hosts community conversations on climate change, income security in Lockeport, NS

For immediate release 12/15/21

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LOCKEPORT, NS: The Centre for Local Prosperity has concluded a series of community conversations on the links between climate change, income security and community resilience conducted with residents of Lockeport, NS. 

Organized in partnership with the Green Resilience Project, the conversations identified and documented a wide range of perspectives on what community members need to build resilience and encourage local action on all the aspects of the climate crisis.

The Centre for Local Prosperity conducted a combination of virtual and in-person conversations with 35 adult residents and 31 students of Lockeport Regional High School. Participants identified a wide range of environmental and economic challenges facing their community, from coastal flooding and wells drying to the projected collapse of the fishery due to lobster migration. Discussion also highlighted concerns regarding losing the town’s causeway connection to the mainland due to sea-level rise.

Solutions identified by participants ranged from financial support for clean-energy transition to the development of a community-owned energy network. 

The Centre for Local Prosperity has been working with the Lockeport community since 2019 to identify solutions geared toward building local resilience and climate readiness as part of its Future Proofing Lockeport initiative. 

Conversation participants expressed keen interest in continuing advocacy and discussion around these issues in the Lockeport community, including by continuing the Future Proofing Lockeport working group. Findings from the community summary reports compiled by the Centre for Local Prosperity will be shared on the Centre’s website and on the Green Resilience Project website in the coming weeks.

The Green Resilience Project is managed and delivered by Energy Mix Productions, Basic Income Canada Network, Coalition Canada Basic Income – Revenu de base, Basic Income Canada Youth Network, national experts and local partners. Funding is generously provided by Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Climate Action and Awareness Fund.

The Centre for Local Prosperity (CLP) promotes local economic solutions and climate readiness for rural and local communities, primarily in Atlantic Canada. CLP organizes conferences and community working sessions, and conducts evidence-based studies that often lead to community implementation. Their work builds strength through citizen, business and local government collaboration.

For all media queries, please contact:

Cecilia Stuart, the Green Resilience Project