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Local elected climate leaders: Join the Columbia Institute at their virtual Civic Governance Forum Mar 24-26

An invitation from the Columbia Institute

Are you a mayor, councilor or regional director? Perhaps you were elected to your school board?

If yes, please join us at our annual civic governance forum (High Ground) for one, two, or three half-days, on Wednesday, March 24 (morning), Friday, March 25 (afternoon), and Saturday, March 26 (morning).

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Under the banner of “Seeking Higher Ground: Leading Through Instability,” we have an amazing line-up of workshops focusing on climate change and climate justice and local government, the frontline of local action.

  • The Circular Economy
  • The Case for Mass Timber Construction
  • Suburbs as Solutions
  • Climate Action in Smaller Communities
  • Co-ops for Sustainability

We’ll also zoom in on:

  • Dangerously Divided Times: Polarization in our Communities
  • Land Back: What You Need to Know
  • Alternative Responses to Community Safety
  • B.C.’s Toxic Drug Crisis: Reflections from 2016 to today
  • COVID-19: Reflections on Equity, Inclusion and Justice Two Years In
  • First Nations Reclaiming Education
  • Addressing Stigma and Increasing Safety in our Communities
  • 30-Year Life Expectancy – What Can Local Government Do to Close the Gap?
  • And more…

We’ll also hear from special guests like Bowinn Ma, Minister of State for Infrastructure and
Nathan Cullen, the new Minister of Municipal Affairs.

Stay tuned for more program and speaker announcements here and by visiting our website!

Thanks for all you do!

The Columbia Institute Team