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Deep dive: Columbia Institute’s annual civic governance forum supports elected officials pushing for change

The Columbia Institute’s annual civic governance forum, High Ground, offers an opportunity for elected officials to gather and share ideas, tools and approaches to progressive leadership in public office. It encourages participants to learn from one another about the leadership, policies and practises that can respond to their constituents’ most pressing challenges.

Deep dive: Iron & Earth’s plan for a prosperous transition

In 2021, Iron & Earth commissioned a survey of over 300 fossil fuel workers asking how they view their role in a net-zero economy, and what they would need in order to thrive in it. The survey helped guide the creation of their Prosperous Transition plan, meant to be a “guide for the Federal Government of Canada to not only set a bold course towards net-zero by 2050 and meet or exceed interim 40 to 45% greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets by 2030, but to do so while creating opportunities for Canada’s existing workforce to participate and thrive in the net-zero carbon economy.”