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The Green Resilience Project is hiring!

Position Title: Outreach Coordinator, Quebec

Employment Type: Contract, casual (estimated at 50 to 100 hours over three to seven months)

Project: The Green Resilience Project

Compensation: $38.00 per hour (negotiable)


The Green Resilience Project is managed and delivered by Energy Mix Productions, the Basic Income Canada Network,  Coalition Canada: Basic Income – Revenu de base, the Basic Income Canada Youth Network, national experts and local partners. It’s made possible by generous financial support from Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Climate Action and Awareness Fund.

As Canada transitions to a low-carbon economy, we are undertaking conversations with 25 to 35 communities across Canada to explore and demonstrate the extent to which the low-carbon transition and reimagined income security can complement each other to create a foundation for community resilience and stability.

We want to create “brave spaces” for a wide diversity of participants to talk about how they deal with fear and uncertainty. Working with local partners, we aim to gather a wide range of perspectives on how big-picture problems like climate change, unsteady incomes, and structural racism and discrimination affect people’s lives and choices. And we want to figure out how we can work all together to build stronger, healthier, more resilient communities, with the tools and abilities to meet their unique needs in a rapidly changing world.

We’ll be working with community partners who are already involved in some aspect of the discussion on climate change, income security and/or community resilience, and who have the capacity to host a community conversation, and continue with related advocacy work once conversations are complete.

The Role

We are seeking a first-language French speaker with strong conversational English to confirm 3 to 5 Francophone community organizations from Quebec as project partners. And, potentially steward these partners through the process of hosting & reporting on a local conversation. The role will include:

  • Familiarizing yourself with the Green Resilience Project
  • Identifying potential community partners
  • Networking with community contacts and potential community partners
  • Confirming the participation of 3 to 5 Quebec-based community partners

If community partners are Francophone / do not have capacity to communicate with project staff in English, the contract will extend to March 31, 2022 to include:

  • Acting as a primary point of contact on behalf of the Green Resilience Project for Francophone community partners, which will include:
    • Training community partner facilitators to host community conversations (all materials will be provided)
    • Responding to enquiries from partners
    • Sharing updates and information with partners as necessary (the project website and materials will be provided in English and in French)

This role may be a good fit for you if:

  • Your first language is French, and you are also comfortable speaking in English
  • You have professional experience or an established interest in climate change, the transition to a low-carbon economy, community resilience, income security, or basic income
  • You enjoy networking
  • You are well organized
  • You have well developed communication skills
  • Bonus: you have a network of contacts working in climate, income security, basic income, or social service organizations

If you are interested in this role:

Please send a simple CV (or summary of your experience) along with an email, in English, with some details about yourself and why you are interested in the role, to:

Janet Patterfung, Project Manager, The Green Resilience Project

Deadline to submit: October 1, 2021