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Coming up: Register for a webinar on climate change and basic income!

On November 9, members of the Green Resilience Project steering committee and staff team will join the Tamarack Institute for a Vibrant Communities webinar on the links between climate change and basic income.

From the Tamarack Institute’s website:

Basic Income has been long positioned as a means to reduce poverty and improve equality, but it is also a promising strategy for helping Canadians manage increasingly frequent extreme weather events caused by climate change. Moreover, it is also considered viable for helping communities transition to a new carbon economy while supporting marginalized populations to thrive.

Join poverty reduction and environmental advocates to explore the ways in which Basic Income can be a tool for both environmental and social progress.

Project manager Janet Patterfung and steering committee members Mitchell Beer and Jim Mulvale will join basic income activist Scott Santens and moderator Natasha Pei for a conversation on how basic income can work to build community resilience in the face of Canada’s low-carbon transition.

Click here to register for free! Hope to see you there.