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net zero

Get to know: Iron & Earth

Engagement coordinator Jessie Golem recently sat down with Iron & Earth’s national chapter director Ana Guerra Marin to chat about their community conversation and how it connects to their ongoing work.

Explainer: What is climate change?

Climate change is the rise of global temperatures and the impact of that rise on weather systems. Climate change causes a wide range of effects including sea level rise, flooding, wildfires, drought, extreme weather, species extinction, food shortages and more. In Canada, we’re already feeling many of these impacts first-hand. And if we don’t act now, and act drastically, these effects will only worsen.

What is greenwashing? How terms like “net zero” and “carbon neutral” are used to justify continued fossil fuel use

When we use terms like net zero and carbon neutral, it’s important to understand how they and other climate buzzwords are repurposed and reinterpreted by a wide range of actors – from governments to corporations – who want to appear as though they’re doing more to respond to climate change than they really are. This practice is sometimes referred to as greenwashing, i.e. when a company claims to care about climate change or environmental practices without meaningfully supporting those claims.

Explainer: what is a net-zero transition?

Many countries are responding to climate change by setting net-zero emissions targets, meaning that by a set date they will either produce zero greenhouse gas emissions or offset the impact of their emissions through activities that remove greenhouse gases from the air (eg. through tree planting or carbon capture and storage technologies). What will net-zero look like, and how will we get there?