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Y4Y Québec hosts community conversations on climate change, income security in Montréal

For immediate release 01/27/2022

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MONTRÉAL, QC: On January 26, Y4Y Québec completed a series of community conversations on the links between climate change, income security and community resilience facing youth in Montréal.

Organized in partnership with the Green Resilience Project, the conversation aimed to identify and document a wide range of perspectives on what community members need to build resilience and encourage local action on all the aspects of the climate crisis.

Climate change and income insecurity are two of the most urgent challenges facing young people in Canada. The conversation brought community members together to discuss the connections between these issues, brainstorm solutions and identify what they need to put them into action.

Details from the conversation will be shared in the Green Resilience Project’s final report, to be published in April 2022.

The Green Resilience Project is managed and delivered by Energy Mix Productions, Basic Income Canada Network, Coalition Canada Basic Income – Revenu de base, Basic Income Canada Youth Network, national experts and local partners. Funding is generously provided by Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Climate Action and Awareness Fund.

Y4Y is a provincial nonprofit committed to addressing the issues facing English speaking youth of Québec. We strive to create an environment where all youth feel connected to Québec society.

For all media queries, please contact:

Cecilia Stuart, the Green Resilience Project
(905) 808-9788