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News and Resources

Here you’ll find articles, resources and other materials related to climate change, income security and their connections to community resilience. We’ll also post relevant updates about the project and its community partners.

Watch the Transportation Shift Webinar

On March 19, 2024, Transportation Shift partners shared challenges and opportunities raised by participants during Transportation Shift conversations on local transportation issues and the transition to electric vehicles.

Event details: Final Report Launch

Join us for the virtual launch of the Green Resilience Project’s final report, which summarizes a series of 32 conversations hosted in communities across Canada on the links between climate change, income security and community resilience. 

Join Y4Y Québec at their 2022 Youth Forum!

Join Y4Y Québec’s 5th Annual Youth Forum…A platform for you and other youth from across the province to share your thoughts, ideas, and concerns about a wide range of current issues, which have been identified over the past year as most important to the English-speaking youth in Québec, including Mental Health, Climate Change, and Community Involvement.

‘Buried’ Science Shows Fast Carbon Cuts Can Stabilize Temperatures in 3-4 Years

There’s still time for decisive actions that would stabilize global temperatures over a span of three or four years, rather than three or four decades, but only if countries move swiftly to bring greenhouse gas emissions to zero, two senior climate scientists said Thursday, during a webinar hosted by the Covering Climate Now (CCNow) news collaborative.